Gypsy Pictures, Paintings of Horses & Yorkshire Dales Landscapes.

Oil Painting By Diana Rosemary Lodge

Born in 1944 Diana Rosemary Lodge was brought up and still lives in the village of Burnsall in the Yorkshire Dales. Having attended Harrogate College of Art she has devoted her career to the study of horses and the unique landscape around her. Painting in oils, Diana Rosemary Lodge has become renowned for her depiction of the working horse, with particular regard to their place in Romany life.

Horse Artists Diana Rosemary Lodge

Diana Rosemary Lodge’s works have been sold in Australia, Canada and The USA. Her lifelong involvement and love of the Yorkshire Dales has inspired the capture of landscapes and river scenes, to timber horses and railways.

Paintings of Sheep by Diana Rosemary Lodge

Renowned for her paintings of Gypsies and pictures of the working horse, Diana Rosemary is also well known for her studies of Sheep and farming life in the Yorkshire Dales.